Development of novel pain relief agents acting through the selective activation of the delta-opioid receptor
Dondio G SmithKline Beecham S.p.A.,
Department of Medicinal Chemistry,
Milan, Italy.
Farmaco 2000 Mar; 55(3):178-80


A continuing effort in the development of non-peptide delta-opioid agonists as possible safe and effective pain relief agents has been seen in the last years. Novel potent and selective delta-opioid agonists based on the pirrolomorphinan framework have been designed, synthesised and biologically characterised in our laboratories. In particular, compound 7 (SB 235863) proved the concept that a selective delta-opioid agonist may be a valuable pain relief agent free of the unwanted side-effects usually associated with narcotic analgesics such as morphine.
Delta agonists
Learned helplessness
Enkephalinase inhibitors : RB801
Delta opioid receptors and anxiety
Delta agonists/Parkinson's therapy
Opioids, brain stimulation and reward
Cholecystokinin and delta opioid receptors
Delta-opioid receptor agonists as antidepressants?
Co-existence of dopamine-D1 and delta-opioid receptors

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