Craving patterns in methadone maintenance
treatment with dextromoramide as adjuvant

de Vos JW, Ufkes JG, van den Brink W, van Brussel GH, de Wolff FA.
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Addict Behav 1999 Sep-Oct;24(5):707-13


A study was performed to establish the effect on opiate craving among six long-term opiate-dependent subjects in methadone maintenance treatment. Subjects currently stabilised on methadone, received 5 or 10 mg dextromoramide besides methadone. During the study the usual methadone dose was diminished according to the individual subject's expectation of the effect of dextromoramide addition. A clear drug-effect relationship between the increment of dextromoramide plasma concentration and decrement of opiate craving could be seen. A craving increase before drug administration was seen in three cases. The results could imply beneficial effects of a short-acting opiate on diminishing craving in opiate addicts who are difficult to stabilise with methadone maintenance treatment.
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