Antidepressant-Like Effects of the Novel Kappa Opioid Antagonist MCL-144B in the Forced-Swim Test
Reindl JD, Rowan K, Carey AN, Peng X, Neumeyer JL, McLaughlin JP.
Department of Psychology,
Northeastern University, Boston, Mass., USA.
Pharmacology. 2008 Jan 7;81(3):229-235


Previous studies have demonstrated that kappa opioid receptor (KOR) antagonists reduce stress- and depression-like behaviors. We hypothesized that administration of a novel opioid mixed agonist/antagonist capable of antagonist activity at the KOR would attenuate forced-swim stress (FSS)-induced immobility, an animal model of depression-like behavior. C57Bl/6J mice were exposed to antinociceptive and repeated FSS testing after pretreatment with a graded dose of a novel bivalent morphinan compound, bis(N-cyclobutylmethylmorphinan-3-yl) sebacoylate dihydrochloride (MCL-144B). MCL-144B demonstrated dose- and time-dependent antinociception and KOR-mediated antagonism. In support of the hypothesis, pretreatment with MCL-144B dose-dependently attenuated stress-induced antinociception and immobility in the forced-swim test.

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