Overexpression of Type 7 Adenylyl Cyclase in the Mouse Brain Enhances Acute and Chronic Actions of Morphine
Yoshimura M, Wu PH, Hoffman PL, Tabakoff B
Department of Pharmacology,
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center,
Denver, Colorado.
Mol Pharmacol 2000 Nov; 58(5):1011-1016


ABSTRACT The mechanisms by which morphine-induced analgesia and tolerance and physical dependence on morphine arise have been the subject of intense study, and much work has pointed to the involvement of cAMP-mediated events in the neuroadaptive phenomena leading to morphine tolerance and/or dependence. We overexpressed an opioid receptor-stimulatable form of adenylyl cyclase (type 7) in the central nervous system of mice and demonstrated significant effects of this manipulation on the animals' acute response to morphine, the development of morphine tolerance, and development of sensitization to morphine. Measurements of the acute analgesic response to morphine demonstrated that the ED(50) values for the transgenic mice were significantly lower than the ED(50) values determined for the "wild-type" animals. During chronic treatment with morphine, the transgenic mice developed tolerance more rapidly than the wild-type mice, and transgenic animals of the C57BL/6xSJL background showed a larger sensitization to morphine's effects on locomotor activity than did wild-type mice of the same background. These results indicated that cAMP-generating systems may simultaneously modulate the development of tolerance and sensitization. Interestingly, the signs of physical dependence on morphine in the transgenic mice did not differ from those in their wild-type litter mates, indicating that separate mechanisms may modulate opiate tolerance and opiate dependence.
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