Analysis of opium use by students of medical sciences
Ahmadi J, Fallahzadeh H, Salimi A, Rahimian M,
Salehi V, Khaghani M, Babaeebeigi M.
Associate Professor of Psychiatry,
Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.
J Clin Nurs. 2006 Apr;15(4):379-86.


Aims and objectives. To investigate the prevalence of opium use in university students. Background. University health professionals and authorities are very concerned about substance use among university students. Design. A survey with a representative sample of 2519 (1126 men and 1393 women) university students and opium use disorders assessed by means of DSM-IV criteria (Diagnostic Statistical Manual-IV Axis I during the year 2003). Findings. Mean age of the sample was 23.8 year and SD was 3.9. Of the students, 110 (4.4%) admitted using of opium once or more during their lives (9.1% of men and 0.6% of women; P < 0.01). Fifty (2%) were occasional opium user (4.2% of men and 0.2% of women; P < 0.01). Nineteen (0.8%) were current opium user (1.4% of men and 0.2% of women; P = 0.001). Mean age of opium users was higher than the remainder. Opium use was significantly related to gender (P = 0.001), and life stress (P = 0.04). Conclusion. These findings can be considered for preventive and therapeutic programmes, because early intervention during the formative university years may present an opportunity to reduce the risk of long-term problems, to decrease social and individual harm and also to promote public health of society. Relevance to clinical practice. These findings can be considered in clinical practice for detection and treatment of opioid abuse.
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