Long-term administration of controlled-release
oxycodone tablets for the treatment of cancer pain

Citron ML, Kaplan R, Parris WC, Croghan MK, Herbst LH,
Rosenbluth RJ, Reder RF, Slagle NS, Buckley BJ, Kaiko RF.
ProHealth Care Associates,
LLP Lake Success,
New York, USA.
Cancer Invest 1998;16(8):562-71


We conducted a study of the safety of controlled-release (CR) oxycodone tablets (OxyContin Tablets) administered chronically to patients with cancer-related pain in a usual clinical setting. These patients had participated in 1 of 2 double-blind, active-control studies. Our study was an open, 3-month treatment study that included 87 patients. Patients received CR oxycodone tablets every 12 hr in a manner that reflected typical clinical practice. Supplemental immediate-release (IR) oxycodone was available PRN for breakthrough pain. Patients recorded medication use, adverse events, and evaluations of pain intensity and acceptability of therapy in a daily diary. Forty-four patients (51%) completed all 12 weeks of study; 43 patients (49%) discontinued participation. At baseline and throughout the study period, the overall mean pain-intensity score was slight to moderate. A comparison of initial and final doses showed a significant but modest increase in total daily CR oxycodone dose. An increase or decrease in titration of the oxycodone dose occurred for 66 patients (84%) at least once during the 12-week study period, primarily for increased pain. Forty-four patients (56%) did not undergo dose titration when the latter was indicated. Half of the patients used IR oxycodone rescue almost daily; the mean number of rescue doses per day was 1.5. Despite stable pain control and an increasing total daily CR oxycodone dose, the percentage of patients reporting common opioid-related adverse events decreased over the course of the study. CR oxycodone tablets administered every 12 hr were successfully used to manage cancer pain over a 12-week period. Importantly, side effects diminished over time without a concomitant change in efficacy.
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