Source: Associated Press
Date: 17 December 2002

'Santa' robs pharmacy of Oxycontin

picture of Santa Claus

CHESTER, Va. - Police are looking for a man with a familiar description who robbed a drug store at gunpoint: long white hair and beard, a white-fur-trimmed red suit and hat, black boots, prominent belly.

Police Capt. Mike Spraker said the Santa Claus lookalike obtained an undisclosed amount of the painkiller OxyContin from the Eckerd Drug Store in Chester on Saturday night.

"An individual dressed as Santa - beard, hat, the whole works - just walked to the back of the store to the pharmacist, displayed his weapon and asked for the OxyContin," he said.

Spraker said the robber fled on foot. A canine unit tracked his trail to the parking lot of a nearby apartment complex, where police believe he got into a car and drove away.

"No reindeer or sleds were observed in the area," said Spraker, who said he wanted any children hearing about the incident to know "we immediately contacted the North Pole and verified Santa was there. This Santa was definitely an impostor."

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