Pain management and nursing care--
results of a review of the literature

Muller-Mundt G, Brinkhoff P, Schaeffer D.
Universitat Bielefeld,
Institut fur Pflegewissenschaft,
Postfach 100 131, D-33501 Bielefeld.
Pflege 2000 Oct;13(5):325-38


Especially for patients with chronic conditions, the ability to cope with the experience of illness in their daily lives is essential for the quality of life. An analysis of the international literature, of German nursing textbooks and journals was carried out to determine the dissemination of the state of the art of pain management. International research findings indicate a wide gap between the state of the art and pain management practice. Multidisciplinary role model programs where nurses play a major role as change agents have proved to be an effective strategy to change the institutional practice of pain management. In Germany, pain therapy as a medical discipline as well as academic courses in nursing were only institutionalized in the last decade. As a consequence pain research and therapy remained the domain of medicine and psychology up to now. Enhancing knowledge and educative skills of nurses will not only promote the quality of care. It is a key concept of professionalization in nursing.
Pain clinics
Opium timeline
Opioid receptors
Next-generation painkillers?
A history of pain-management
Pain management: a fundamental human right

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