Effects of pentazocine on dopamine-
dependent behaviours in mice

Bhosale BB, Balsara JJ, Jadhav JH
Department of Pharmacology,
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences,
Karad, India.
Indian J Exp Biol 1997 May; 35(5):448-50


Pentazocine, a kappa opioid receptor agonist, induced catalepsy in mice suggesting thereby that it might possess postsynaptic striatal D 2 dopamine (DA) receptor blocking activity. However, our other findings, that pentazocine pretreatment did not antagonise the cage climbing behaviour induced by the directly acting DA agonist apomorphine in mice and actually potentiated the stereotyped behaviour induced by the indirectly acting DA agonist methamphetamine in mice, indicate that pentazocine does not possess postsynaptic striatal and mesolimbic D 2 DA receptor blocking activity. Pretreatment with naloxone, an antagonist of opioid receptors, antagonised pentazocine-induced catalepsy. This suggests the possible involvement of opioid mechanisms in the induction of catalepsy by pentazocine in mice.
Pentazocine and cyclazocine
Depression, opioids and the HPA
Kappa opioids and cocaine addiction
Kappa receptors, dopamine d3, and cocaine
Pentazocine and kappa and sigma receptors

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