Similar effects of tramadol and venlafaxine in major depressive disorder
Reeves RR, Cox SK.
Department of Mental Health,
G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery VA Medical Center,
Jackson, Mississippi 39216, USA.
South Med J. 2008 Feb;101(2):193-5.


The analgesic tramadol has many characteristics in common with the antidepressant venlafaxine. The drugs are structurally similar, share both serotonergic and noradrenergic properties, and undergo a similar metabolic fate. In this study, a patient, who developed significant depression following cessation of tramadol after several years of therapy, is described. Her depression was then treated with venlafaxine with excellent response. It appears that tramadol may have provided a prophylactic antidepressant effect in this patient. Because of its similarities to venlafaxine, tramadol may possibly exert a degree of antidepressant effect in certain patients, particularly those with chronic pain.
Tramadol: dosage
Immune response
Rats like tramadol
The tramadol option
Tramadol and analgesia
Tramadol and acute pain
Tramadol versus morphine
Tramadol versus oxycodone
Official prescribing indications
Tramadol as an antidepressant
Tramadol: risk/benefit analysis
Methadone for tramadol addicts?
Tramadol, morphine and the stomach
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
Tramadol, depression and Parkinson's disease

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