Three-week open multi-centre study of sustained-release
tramadol in various pain conditions

Curkovic B, Bernik N.
Department of Rheumatology and Rehabilitation,
University Hospital Center of Zagreb,
Zagreb, Croatia.
Arzneimittelforschung. 2003;53(7):503-61


299 outpatients were included in this open multi-centre 3-week study of the efficacy and safety of sustained-release tramadol (CAS 27203-92-5, Tramal retard), in various pain conditions. Tramadol was administered 2 x 100 mg daily without prior introduction using an immediate release formula of the drug or titration of the dose. Of the 299 outpatients that were the subject of this study, 177 patients suffered from musculoskeletal pain, 58 from malignant pain and 44 suffered from postoperative pain, all treated by a total of 57 medical doctors of various profiles. The remainder of 20 patients suffered from pain conditions falling out of the aforementioned three categories. 274 (83%) of the patients were administered a daily dose of 200 mg tramadol. A satisfactory analgesic effect was found in 97% of all 299 patients. A good or very good quality of analgesia was present in 76.4% of the patients. Side effects were noted in 89 (29.8%) patients. A significant increase of the quality of life (responders) was registered in 49.1% of all patients. CONCLUSION: 200 mg daily dosage of sustained release tramadol could be a good option for pain control in musculoskeletal and postoperative pain conditions, especially when non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are contraindicated.
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